Melissa Still

Virtual Alumnae Membership Chairman

Thank you for visiting the ZTAlways website. I'm so excited to help grow our alumnae membership locally and all over the country with our virtual membership campaign. I have worked on the local level with the Memphis Alumnae Chapter and served the Fraternity on the National level as a District President for Middle and West Tennessee, 2009-2015. My number one goal is to create an experience for all alumnae so alumnae can continue their sisterhood experience beyond their college years. I'm a firm believer that no matter where life takes you, ZTA sisterhood will always be there for you. Zeta is Forever! I hope you will join us for this unique experience.

Jen Williams

Virtual Alumnae Membership Committee

Welcome to the ZTAlways Virtual Alumnae Group! I have been working on this committee since its beginnings and I am so excited to see where it is going from this day forward. I am a proud military spouse and love the idea that no matter where we go across the globe, I can connect with my Zisters through ZTAlways! I am an alumna of Eta Xi at Virginia Tech and am currently getting involved in the local alumnae chapter at our current station—which is the first time we’ve been somewhere with a group!! My goal as we move forward with this group is to bring the opportunity to connect and support each other through our love for ZTA.