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Join us for these 2022-2023 ZTAlways activities and events! Check back often as more connection opportunities are added throughout the year.

August 1ZTAlways membership opens for 2022-2023
All Month: Notes to Theta Delta Chapter at Salisbury University
Week of August 1: Pen Pals Sign-Up for August
August 1-10: ??? Trivia
August 1-15: Book Swap Sign-Up
August 25: ZTAlways Zoom Zisterhood
August 31: '90s Trivia with San Diego Alumnae Chapter

All Month: Join/Renew Membership in ZTAlways for 2022-23
All Month: Notes to Lambda Upsilon Chapter at University of Wisconsin-Madison
All Month: Notes to Lambda Chapter at Southwestern University

Week of September 1: Pen Pals Sign-Up for September
September 1-10: ??? Trivia
September 15-October 15: Step Challenge
September 19-22: SkimmU Money Series
September 29: Book Club Discussion - "This Might Hurt" by ZTA Alumna Stephanie Wrobel

All Month: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

All Month: Notes to Lambda Pi Chapter at Reinhardt University
Week of October 1: Pen Pals Sign-Up for October
October 1-10: ??? Trivia
October 6: Movie Watch Party: Hocus Pocus 2
October 14-15: ZTA Foundation Day of Giving
October 15: ZTA Founders' Day
October 15: Step Challenge Ends
October 20: Diamond Art Party
October 26: ZTAlways Zoom Zisterhood

All Month: Notes to Zeta Chapter at University of Tennessee

Week of November 1: Pen Pals Sign-Up for November
November 1-10: ??? Trivia
November 2: Virtual Music Trivia with Silver Spring, MD Alumnae
November 15: Virtual Tea Tasting with Macon, GA Alumnae
November 17: Book Club Discussion
November 29: Giving Tuesday: Fund a ZTA Foundation Scholarship

All Month: Give the Gift of ZTAlways Membership
Week of December 1: Pen Pals Sign-Up for December
December 1-8: Winter Holiday Gift Exchange Sign-Up
December 1-10: ??? Trivia
December 13: Holiday Movie Watch Party: "Catering Christmas"
December 18: Virtual Holiday Baking Event with Bay State Alumnae
December 20: Diamond Art Party/Zoom Zisterhood

Week of January 1: Pen Pals Sign-Up for January
January 1-10: ??? Trivia
January 3-31: "ZTAlways Beach Walk" Step Challenge
January 17: Book Club Discussion
January 25: ZTAlways Zoom Zisterhood



ZTAlways members connect through social media, email, mail, phone calls and videoconferencing.

ZTAlways' year-round activities have included:

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